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Prescription Youth Revitalizing Face Wash Now Available!

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prescription youth face wash

Have you ever tried Prescription Youth's Revitalizing Face Wash? It's a wonderful cleanser that combines papaya enzymes and salicylic acid to remove dry and aging skin and replenishing it with an improvement in complexion.

The Revitalizing Face Wash provides deep cleansing to remove makeup, dirt and other impurities, but easy enough on the skin to be used daily.

As mentioned before, some of the benefits of using the Prescription Youth Revitalizing Face Wash is it contains papaya enzymes and salicylic acid, which helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Another benefit is the face wash unclogs pores and rinses clean to give you a clearer skin. On top of that, the cleanser is fragrance-free, contains no parabens, sulfates, or artificial dyes, making it easy on sensitive skin.

How to use:

To use the face wash, apply during AM and PM to cleanse and remove your makeup and dirt from your face. Apply to wet face and massage over your face and neck area. Afterwards, rinse with water and pat it dry.



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