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Magicorn "Unicorn" Hats - Be Stylish During the Cold Weather!

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magicorn unicorn hat

We've had the opportunity for a couple of influencers to take photos in Big Bear recently to show off their hats. The first one that stands out is for any unicorn lovers who want to be stylish. Our influencer, "J3nkray" is shown in a few photos of her wearing the magicorn hat which can be located on our store catalog.

magicorn unicorn hat

The Magicorn hat also features pockets to fit your hand and keep warm. As you can you see from the photo, she definitely is staying warm in a fashionable way.

corgi and magicorn unicorn hat

corgi hat and unicorn hat

If you're looking for something fun and also stylish, then check out the other influencer Justin, wearing a Corgi animated hat alongside with our previous influencer/model @J3nkray.

This corgi hat features a unique pump at the end of it's extended arms that will wiggle its ears.

Sure, you may look a little "corgi" but it's definitely cute and fun from kids to adults. Beanie inspired design hat will keep you warm and looking goofy.

Find both items located here:

Magicorn Unicorn Inspired Hat:

 Corgi Animated Hat:




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