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Concerned with Wrinkles? Here's One Solution

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So you may have read in our previous article about an ingredient called, "Volufiline." It's an all-natural biochemical agent produced by the company, Sederma Co. widely used for various purposes on the skin.

Now, 5ildongan (within 5 days), utilized the Volufiline with their own combination of ingredients to create the product, Skinfull Spot Premium. This wonderful item originates and is manufactured from Korea.

You can say that 5ildongan was coined based on this specific item due to the fact that you can start seeing results literally "Within 5 Days." The syringe-like needle (without the affects of inserting an actual needle) pushes out the desired amount of serum onto the area where you want to focus on.

volufiline anti-aging wrinkle cream

 Best times to apply it is at evening/night time when you're ready to rinse and wash your face. If you have a normal regimen for facial cleanse, you can apply the serum where you feel the necessary areas. These facial sections can be, under your eyes, smile line, crows feet, brown blemish spots, etc.

The cream or serum is a white substance color and creates an elasticity feel after approximately 10 minutes once applied to the facial area. The serum dosage is 1.5ml and can be used anywhere from about 3-4 times depending on how much you decided to squeeze out.

volufiline - skinfull spot premium cream

How often should you use it?

You can use it daily and every night or whenever you do a facial cleanse. Our recommendation is to take a before photo of yourself and do an after photo for progression.

skinfull spot premium information

If you're convinced, you can find the products listed on our website. We feel confident with the Skinfull Spot Premium and offer in a single or 5 pack option.

Single Pack: Skinfull Spot Premium Anti-Aging Cream w/Volufiline 1 Pack

5 Pack: Skinfull Spot Premium Anti-Aging Cream w/Volufiline 5 Pack


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